The weaknesses of ActiveCampaign (2022)

I love ActiveCampaign. Ever since I started using it a couple of years ago, I’ve worked with a few dozen clients using it and convinced several people to switch providers. That said, ActiveCampaign (I’ll call it AC for short) has a few unfortunate weaknesses. These become more apparent for larger companies with more custom needs, […]

How to set up UTM tracking and site tracking across all forms with AC

By the end of this post, you’ll know how to set up UTM tracking and site tracking across an entire site at once (without having to edit every form manually). In layman’s terms, this will enable you to see in ActiveCampaign: What pages someone visited on your site after they submit a form What site […]

Dynamic quiz results email for How I Met My Dog

How I Met My Dog created a new quiz where users could answer personality questions about themselves and up to four of their dogs. These answers are processed with custom code to give the user results and insights about how their personality compares to their dog(s)’. The team hired me to take those results and […]

How to correct an email marketing mistake (and turn it into a win)

Even with a great quality assurance system, email marketing mistakes will happen. You’ll send the wrong link, include typos, or send a totally confusing email. When this happens, don’t panic! See this as an opportunity to learn, to brand yourself, and to potentially get even more attention on your call-to-action. Why should you listen to […]