Get Count of Rows With Specific Values From a Comma Separated List

Here’s an example of the data we have: We want to get a list of the industries with a count of users in each industry. Step 1. Download as .csv and turn into JSON Download the file as a .csv and upload it here: Default settings will work, just copy the result data when […]

The weaknesses of ActiveCampaign (2022)

I love ActiveCampaign. Ever since I started using it a couple of years ago, I’ve worked with a few dozen clients using it and convinced several people to switch providers. That said, ActiveCampaign (I’ll call it AC for short) has a few unfortunate weaknesses. These become more apparent for larger companies with more custom needs, […]

How to automatically show clients how many hours you’ve tracked

Like many freelance consultants, I charge clients by the hour and bill every two weeks. The problem is sometimes I accumulate quite a bit of time between invoices and some clients are surprised when they see the invoice for the last two weeks. I thought to myself: there’s gotta be a better way to let […]

Building a custom checkout and donation-based sponsor-matching system

“I hired Gio and his team at Datos to help me launch an online course. From the beginning I found Gio (and his team) to be professional and stellar communicators. Beyond that was his knowledge of a world I could not have navigated on my own. Gio was able to put resources together that had […]

Transferring Frump Fighters from Zapier to N8N

Zapier is a well-known and established tool for integrating systems, but it can be costly depending on the features you require and the amount of events you need to integrate. At Datos Marketing, we like to recommend tools that are not only reliable, but also cost-effective. And we believe in using tools that encourage you […]

How to make a dynamic WordPress page with Javascript

Have you ever wanted to make a page change depending on where visitors are coming from, or create a page with a few slight variations? What you want to avoid is duplicating the page and making multiple versions. What if you want to update some of the copy or design in the page? Now you’ll […]

How to Send Dynamic Time-Based Email Reminders with ActiveCampaign

Out of the box, ActiveCampaign provides a way to send emails based on a dynamic date field (such as sending a reminder one day before a call). But it doesn’t provide a way to send email reminders a set amount of time before a dynamic event, such as a call or webinar. For any event […]

Dynamic quiz results email for How I Met My Dog

How I Met My Dog created a new quiz where users could answer personality questions about themselves and up to four of their dogs. These answers are processed with custom code to give the user results and insights about how their personality compares to their dog(s)’. The team hired me to take those results and […]