Why I Returned to WordPress after Migrating to Webflow

As a person who loves technology, I often get excited about new tools. Someone of my proclivities will often end up migrating from system to system without ever really landing anywhere. It takes time and energy to do this, and it’s not always worth it. Webflow came to my attention a while back, and I […]

Building a custom checkout and donation-based sponsor-matching system

“I hired Gio and his team at Datos to help me launch an online course. From the beginning I found Gio (and his team) to be professional and stellar communicators. Beyond that was his knowledge of a world I could not have navigated on my own. Gio was able to put resources together that had […]

How to make a dynamic WordPress page with Javascript

Have you ever wanted to make a page change depending on where visitors are coming from, or create a page with a few slight variations? What you want to avoid is duplicating the page and making multiple versions. What if you want to update some of the copy or design in the page? Now you’ll […]

How to Send Dynamic Time-Based Email Reminders with ActiveCampaign

Out of the box, ActiveCampaign provides a way to send emails based on a dynamic date field (such as sending a reminder one day before a call). But it doesn’t provide a way to send email reminders a set amount of time before a dynamic event, such as a call or webinar. For any event […]