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Dynamic quiz results email for How I Met My Dog


How I Met My Dog created a new quiz where users could answer personality questions about themselves and up to four of their dogs. These answers are processed with custom code to give the user results and insights about how their personality compares to their dog(s)’.

The team hired me to take those results and make a dynamic email in ActiveCampaign that would give the user custom advice based on their results, with thousands of potential permutations.

Here’s what was involved:

  1. Working with their software engineer to get the data imported into ActiveCampaign in the correct format.
  2. Used message variables to create multiple dynamic sections with up to 7 variations of advice each. By using message variables instead of conditional content, we were able to scale up what was possible while also avoiding upgrading the account.
  3. Improved the design of the email to improve branding and accessibility for eyesight challenges.
  4. Added an email to alert users when they have submitted 4 dogs and let them know how to submit more than 4 if they want to, as well as an internal notification to the team so they can consider expanding to more than 4 dogs.
  5. Set up a dynamic image merge so users could see their results visually.
  6. Customized the email with the dog’s name.
  7. Set up 4 total separate emails, one for each potential dog.
  8. Set up several emails that lead to blog posts, each of which would only send if they were relevant to the user based on their answers.

What they said about the project:

“Giovanni helped execute our project faster and better than we could have hoped for. His capabilities and creativity even saved us a ton of money on our email marketing service. He’s kind, prompt and very skilled. Looking forward to working with him again.”


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