Integrating Calendly with ActiveCampaign


Integrating Calendly with ActiveCampaign


My client uses Calendly to schedule calls, and they’re the most important activity that leads to a high-ticket sale.

Calendly can integrate with our email system, ActiveCampaign, through Zapier. However, what you can do with just Zapier is pretty limited in this case.

I wanted to go a few steps further, so I wrote some custom python code to take the call information and interface with ActiveCampaign’s API. I still used Zapier to trigger the task and gather the data, but used the “Code” block in Zapier to run python code.

In a nutshell, the code checks to see what type of call it is (client call, sales call, etc.) and categorizes it. Then, it adds it as a task in ActiveCampaign and assigns it to the correct person depending on the type of call. It also creates a note with all the call form answers so that our sales person can open the profile and see everything he needs in one place.


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