How to Send Dynamic Time-Based Email Reminders with ActiveCampaign

Out of the box, ActiveCampaign provides a way to send emails based on a dynamic date field (such as sending a reminder one day before a call). But it doesn’t provide a way to send email reminders a set amount of time before a dynamic event, such as a call or webinar. For any event […]

Dynamic quiz results email for How I Met My Dog

How I Met My Dog created a new quiz where users could answer personality questions about themselves and up to four of their dogs. These answers are processed with custom code to give the user results and insights about how their personality compares to their dog(s)’. The team hired me to take those results and […]

Built lead generation funnel which delivered 3x ROI

Built an ugly but effective case study lead generation funnel. Users opt in to receive the case study, then are solicited to schedule a call. I set up the funnel with Clickfunnels, followup emails in ActiveCampaign, and ran the ads from Facebook. We got 885 email optins, generated dozens of calls, and converted 2 of […]

Integrating Calendly with ActiveCampaign

My client uses Calendly to schedule calls, and they’re the most important activity that leads to a high-ticket sale. Calendly can integrate with our email system, ActiveCampaign, through Zapier. However, what you can do with just Zapier is pretty limited in this case. I wanted to go a few steps further, so I wrote some […]