Wall of Love

What our clients have to say about working with Datos

Brendan Cawley

CEO, RTZN Brands

It’s rare that I’ve found another person in the world that understands the idiosyncrasies of the different systems we use, and can quickly understand the complex issues we are trying to solve. Before Datos, we had some automations that worked 80% of the time, but the 20% of failures created anxiety about what’s actually accurate. By designing the system to make failures clear and monitoring them for us, Datos has restored confidence in our automations and allow us to pinpoint and solve the problem areas.

Datos automations have allowed us to avoid hiring extra administrative employees by automating just about every standard process in our business. We’ve likely avoided hiring at least 2 full-time employees due to the automations they have developed, improved, or maintained for us.

Datos is extremely respectful of my limited time, and ensures each meeting is efficient. They take on most of the legwork without my involvement so I can focus on my business. Consultants often give me advice on what needs to change—Datos simply implements the change with my approval and shows me the results.

Ben Kortlang

Partner at G2 Venture Partners

We hired Datos to build a “Knowledge Base” that unified data from five primary databases and organized the data into a navigable/searchable front end, with logging capabilities to push information from the Knowledge Base back into our databases.

The Knowledge Base solution built by Datos has made an existing set of activities much more efficient. Previously we had to switch between multiple google sheets, databases and drive files to find the relevant information. Now we can search for a company, immediately see all the information our firm has on that company and click through to related research we’ve done on the space.

Datos takes direction, prioritizes it and works independently while asking critical questions where necessary. Datos has quickly and cost-effectively delivered an outstanding product while requiring little of our team’s time.

Our experience could not have been more positive. We strongly recommend Datos to anyone considering outsourced development support.

Joshua Meier

Attorney at Meier Law Firm

We reached out to Datos because we needed to migrate from an outdated CRM. We’d worked with a couple of agencies before that made big promises but never kept up their end of the deal. Datos worked quickly to recommend a solution and start building, and successfully migrated us from Keap to Lawmatics. They didn’t just import contacts into the new system: they refactored all of our data (200+ custom fields, 300+ tags) into a coherent and standardized system that we can rely on. Before this migration, a task as simple as pulling a list of current clients involved patching together several tags and fields. 

We’d accumulated a decade worth of technical debt and confusing automations that no-one fully understood anymore, and Datos helped us sort through that and rebuild our automations from scratch. The result is greater clarity for the team, a plan for moving forward, and a system for collecting data we can rely on. Giovanni feels like an extension of our team and is extremely responsive and helpful. If you need a team to help you systematize and scale your company while saving your employee’s time on menial tasks, I highly recommend Datos!

Ben Wise

Founder of Storyd

Over the past eight months, Datos has been helping us find repetitive tasks to automate and intelligent ways to simplify our workflow. They have also helped research and propose the right tech solutions to help us become more efficient.

I estimate that their contribution will help us save thousands of dollars—if not millions—over the coming years and decades. 

What’s more: the team is accountable, reasonable, and a joy to work with. I can’t recommend them enough.

Erin Halper

Founder of The Upside

Giovanni is everything you need in a tech/operations consultant: he works quickly, communicates clearly, brings a wealth of knowledge to the company, and often suggests improvements before I even think of them. He truly makes you feel like he’s part of your team rather than an external advisor.

Plus, he has an eye for marketing and design so he can suggest copy improvements, design images, and do other tasks that help free up my time.

Amma Okwara

General Manager, Technology & Operations at Jolt Space

We needed help implementing automated emails in ActiveCampaign based on how people interact with our new platform. We brought on Datos to help figure out the data model and implement the automations. They worked quickly to understand what we needed and helped us work with our developers to figure out a plan, then set up the automations for us. Datos was easy to work with and responsive to our needs, and even caught a few bugs in our platform when testing. If you are embarking on a new technical project, definitely reach out to them!

Nate Postlethwait


I hired Gio and his team at Datos to help me launch an online course.

From the beginning I found Gio (and his team) to be professional and stellar communicators. Beyond that was his knowledge of a world I could not have navigated on my own. Gio was able to put resources together that had a tremendous impact on the course and created a user experience that helped people feel included and involved in what they were purchasing. His whole team worked well together and with me to keep everything up to date and delivered with excellence.

I felt as though I had a partnership with Gio through this experience. I can not say enough how much I trust him. He is always three steps ahead of knowing what needs to be done and effectively rolling that out before I catch up.

We are now working on our second project together. There will be many, many more.

James Perfect

Vice President of Growth & Operations at Graffitico

We use Jobber to manage our field services, but their native reporting features are limited. We needed a way to analyze the data beyond what Jobber was capable of doing. Giovanni created an automation to pull all the data every day into google sheets, using Jobber’s GraphQL API. He built the initial solution quickly and was responsive to any updates I wanted to make to the data model. In addition, he suggested further improvements we could make to our systems with his automation capabilities. Gio’s easy to work with and trained me on how to update what he built so I could maintain the system on my own if needed. If you have any technical problems or want to automate your busywork, I highly recommend working with Datos!

Crystal Guiga

Founder, Guiga Law

I can’t recommend Giovanni and his team enough! I am working on building systems and automations for my new business, and he takes the time to understand your business and your goals. He not only strategizes creative solutions to meet your goals, but designs your systems in a way that allows you to maximize your technology budget. For example, he will help you minimize the number of different technology platforms you use (if that’s important to you). Most importantly, he explains how your systems work in EASY TO UNDERSTAND terms and even shares his explanations via helpful videos that you can refer to again and again if necessary. If you’re thinking of streamlining your business, reach out to Giovanni now!

MaryAnn Zeman

Co-Founder/COO at How I Met My Dog

Giovanni helped execute our project faster and better than we could have hoped for. His capabilities and creativity even saved us a ton of money on our email marketing service. He’s kind, prompt and very skilled. Looking forward to working with him again.

Sam Charrington

Host, TWIML AI Podcast

Giovanni was great to work with in every way. He was able to jump right in and understand what we were struggling with, build a corrective plan, and get it implemented quickly. He was easy to communicate with and made himself available via my team’s tools to facilitate coordination. And he was flexible, helping out with a few items that came up that were outside the scope of the initial project. We’ll definitely be using him again. Thanks Giovanni!

Ferne Kornfeld

Co-Founder, Value Capital Funding

Gio’s knowledge in the area of automation, especially Zapier, has helped our business tremendously. He is quick to respond no matter the hour and has done everything we needed him to do and more. I highly recommend using his services!